Thursday, April 26, 2018

#2018 May {NEW}

Be ready for some seriously gorgeous scrapping packs to call your name until they find their way into your scrapping stash.  I believe you’ll fall in love with Connie’s newest collection as much as the team and I have! 


Just seeing the bundle preview doesn’t do justice to this collection so here’s an up close and personal look at what you will get in the Bundle (or separate packs if you really just want to build your own bundle but I can’t resist all the goodies that come in the convenient bundle set!).


Absolutely stunning, isn’t it?  I drool every single time I get a glimpse of this collection.  Looking for some way to add a quick title?  Connie has a beautiful coordinating Alpha pack as well as a fun Word Art pack that you can add to your mega stash.


You can pick up the entire #2018 May Collection at Ginger Scraps and The Digi Chick.


You only have a few days left to pick up any of the Retiring Products before Connie takes them down from her stores to make room for more new goodies.  Don’t become part of the “If only I had picked up ….” club!


Check these out at Ginger Scraps and The Digi Chick.

Today’s freebie is a cluster that I made using Connie’s #2018 February collection.  I’m hoping to have a chance to play with the new collection this weekend and make a few more freebies for you.  Enjoy today’s Cluster Freebie!



Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Game, Sales and a Freebie!

Happy Wednesday!! 

Let's get right to our super simple and fun game we play every Wednesday for your chance to win a coupon to Connie's Store!! 

The Rules:
1. Head to Connie's store over at the Digichick. Set the products to 50 and look through pages 1 and 2. 
2. Email your answers to Use Blog Game for the subject.
3. All entries will be entered into a randomizer and 1 person will win a gift certificate to Connie's store.
4.  Entries will be accepted until Sunday at midnight ET.
Good Luck!


Check out Connie's new CU offerings 
Check them out at Gingerscraps and the Digichick.

There's a few days left to grab these products before they are gone for good! 
Shop at Gingerscraps and the Digichick


Deb R. made you this cluster using #2018 April! 
Get it here

Have a great Wednesday! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Take $2 Tuesday Sale

Take $2 and pick up one of these fabulous Connie Prince kits today!


Ginger Scraps
Wild Things
Live, Love, Sparkle

The Digi Chick
Wild Things
Live, Love, Sparkle

Here are some inspiration layouts by Connie’s talented Creative Team showing off the Take $2 Tuesday Sale kits in action.



Looking for a few new CU products to add a bit of pizazz to your layouts or projects?  Check out these CU packs that Connie has on sale through tomorrow.


Available at Ginger Scraps and The Digi Chick.

The last days to pick up these Retiring Products are upon us!  Don’t let these slip by without adding them to your scraping stash!  There are many gorgeous layouts begging to be made with these kits and templates!


Check these out at Ginger Scraps and The Digi Chick.

What freebie do I have for you today? How about another My Guy Quick Page by Deanna?  It’s a great partner to the one that Shelby posted yesterday!



Have a fantastic day!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Marvelous Monday!

Happy Monday! 

Let's congratulate Terry for winning last week's blog game! Connie will be sending you a code shortly! If you want to win a gift certificate to Connie's store come back here on Wednesday to play our super simple blog game! 


Connie has a few new CU products 
Check them out at Gingerscraps and the Digichick

Don't miss out on Connie's retiring product sale! 
Shop at Gingerscraps and the Digichick


Enjoy this quickpage Deanna made using My Guy. 
Get it here

Have a great week! 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Sneak Peek

What a beautiful (albeit chilly) day it is outside where I am.  I love seeing the plants full of beautiful green leaves and flowers.  The sight brings me a sense of renewal and hope for the days to come.  I hope your week has started off well and that you are enjoying some time with those you care about.

Today I have a sneak peek at what Connie has coming your way on Thursday.  This one took my breath away and I think it might do the same to you.


I am looking forward to the full reveal on Thursday!  Aren’t the colors in the sneak peek luscious?!  Be sure to check back here Thursday to see more and also to see some layout inspiration from Connie’s talented Creative Team.

If you would like a chance to win this week’s new release, head over to Club Connie Prince on Facebook and leave a comment on the sneak peek post.  One lucky fan will win this kit on Thursday!

I did a little bit of research yesterday about the downloading issue a few of you mentioned when you’ve tried to pick up the freebies we offer here on the blog.  I’m not sure what is going on exactly and I’ve been unable to reproduce the error that some of you have been seeing.  However, the more I read on different technology sites that come up with the key words you have posted from the error message it sounds like it may have to do with your cookies and cache from your browser.  The best suggestion I have seen has been to clear your cookies and your cache settings in your browser.  As I said yesterday though, I’m not an expert, so do some research before you try anything if you are unfamiliar with what I’m talking about.  Clearing your cookies and cache won’t hurt anything but you may have to type in your passwords on various websites the first time you visit once you do this.

On to today’s freebie!  I was playing around with Connie’s Farmhouse kit and wanted a frame that was a bit different than what was in the kit.  So I combined some of her papers and ink bits to make one that was perfect for what I wanted.  I thought I’d share it with you along with a cluster frame I created with the frame.  I hope you can use this on a project of your own!



Have a great day!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Possible Solution for those of you with Freebie download issues

Okay, so I’ve done a little research tonight (after spending all day on a field trip on Saturday with my students) on the problem a few of you have mentioned about getting a “too many redirects” error message when you try to download the freebies Connie graciously gives away here on the blog.  Let me first say this, I’m not a technology specialist.  I don’t know a whole lot about what works on the backend of most things.  I may be totally wrong so proceed at your own risk.

From the comments that have been left, it appears that those of you who have been having issues are using Safari.  Safari sometimes doesn’t like to play nice with others.  This solution was found on several different websites but I’m only linking to one that seemed the most straight forward:  Connie is not connected with this website and neither am I. 

Basically it sounds like your cookies and cache may be part of the culprit as well.  It use to be common practice to clear those once a month as well as defragmenting a computer.  Those practices seem to have fallen by the wayside over the past few years but I do know that my computer runs better when I clear my cache and cookies and do a disk defrag every now and then.  Maybe try doing those two things first and then if you are still having problems check out the link above or so a search for “too many redirects error message in Safari.” 

I hope this helps some of you.  I do apologize but that’s about the extent of my ability to solve what’s going on.  I haven’t been able to recreate the error on my end using Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  I didn’t try any other browsers because I’m not currently running any others.


Saturday Wrap up!

It's the weekend! 

Connie has some new CU kits available as well as her retiring products sale! 
Check them out at Gingerscraps and the Digichick

And don't forget to grab these products before they are gone for good! 
Shop at Gingerscraps and the Digichick


Deanna made you this quickpage using Travelogue Illinois
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Have a great weekend!